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The Dene Dance School

Dene Dance School is a fun, dynamic and action packed dance school based in Penkridge, Staffordshire. It consists of 180 talented pupils, male and female, from age 4 to adults and 4 qualified and experienced teachers.

We hold weekly sessions at the Haling Dene Centre, Penkridge, every Wednesday 4.45pm-9.45pm

We have 10 different  groups that make up Dene Dance School, all of which cover the dance styles of; street dance, hip-hop, rock n roll, jazz, street jazz,stage dance, commercial and break dancing.

We thrive on using a variety of music from contemporary chart toppers to classic musical pieces to create a unique and imaginative show.

Our aim is to create an exciting and enjoyable environment for the children and constantly pushing the boundaries of dance and always aiming to bring out the best in the pupils.

Each year we work towards our annual production which started off in schools and now takes place at The Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford.

We are now renowned for our brilliant productions and they really portray the hard work that the children put in week on week throughout the year.

We also hold examinations annually, where a professional examiner comes along and grades the children.

Dene Dance School often take part in activates around the West Midlands such as performances at Fetes and Stadiums.

We also hold an adult ladies class, self named ‘ The Creaky Joints’.

I am thoroughly proud and delighted to be the owner of Dene Dance School and work with such talented staff and pupils.

Please take a look at our 'Classes' section, where you will find our timetable


Katy Bagguley